Research and Evaluation

Research and Evaluation informs and guides all the efforts of the Larry King Center and promotes the use of evidence-based programming in our community. The LKC does not generally conduct primary research but, instead, compiles and disseminates existing research into user-friendly formats for community stakeholders. Research endeavors are guided by the Research Committee comprised of faculty from local universities as well as community researchers and evaluators.

Each year, the Research Committee and Director of Research develop and execute an ambitious research agenda within the following strategic priorities:

Research Repository

House a research library, including peer-reviewed literature in areas related to Health, Safety, and Education, as well as matrices of evidence-based practices for targeted issue areas

Research Repository

Research Capacity Building

Develop and maintain the community structure and relationships that will increase the use of research in decision making

Program Evaluation Capacity Building

Build capacity for agencies to conduct effective program evaluation and utilize results for program improvement, including technical assistance and outcomes trainings; educate funders on effective evaluation methods

Community Indicators Project

Develop and disseminate comprehensive indicators project to be used by community for planning, grant writing, etc.

Support LKC Initiatives

Provide relevant and timely research and data to support the Planning, Policy, and Community Engagement efforts of the LKC

Research Advocacy

Advocate for research-based, data-driven decision making in the community

Internal Evaluation

Monitor and report on the implementation and outcomes of LKC efforts

UNCC Urban Institute Indicators Project